What is a Volcanic mountain?

A volcanic mountain is formed by hot molten liquid or magma coming out as lava through cracks in the earth’s surface and solidifying is called a volcanic mountain. Volcanic mountains consist of magma chamber, Vent, Lava, Crater, and pyroclastic flow. Volcanic soil or the soil around the mountain is very fertile. This is because all the required nutrients come out of the volcanic eruption.

volcanic mountain

Characteristics of Volcanic Mountain

  • Volcanic mountains are mainly formed by accumulating hot molten material or magma underground.
  • The shape of the volcano is usually cone-shaped.
  • At the top of a volcano, there is a vent, through which the eruption takes place.
  • The slopes of volcanic mountains are generally moderate.
  • Igneous mountains are mainly formed at the boundary of convergent and subductive plates.

Examples of Volcanic mountains

  • Vesuvius.
  • Mount Fuji.
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro.