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You can study these subjects from us.

  • Accountancy
  • Cost and taxation
  • Business studies
  • Commercial law
  • Economics
  • Computer application 
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Spoken english certification course {basic to advanced}.
  • Fundamentals of computer {Basic to advanced.}
  • Drawing

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  1. Greetings and Introductions:
    • Common greetings and responses.
    • Introducing yourself and others.
  2. Everyday Conversations:
    • Asking for and giving personal information (name, age, occupation, etc.).
    • Making small talk in various situations (at work, social gatherings, etc.).
  3. Numbers and Time:
    • Practicing numbers, time, and dates.
    • Making appointments and scheduling.
  4. Asking for and Giving Directions:
    • Asking for and giving directions in different scenarios (e.g., asking for directions on the street, giving directions in a building).
    • Using prepositions of place correctly.
  1. Expanding Vocabulary:
    • Learning common words and phrases related to different topics (food, travel, hobbies, etc.).
    • Techniques for effective vocabulary acquisition and retention.
  2. Expressions and Idioms:
    • Exploring idiomatic expressions commonly used in English.
    • Understanding their meanings and usage in context.
  3. Practicing Pronunciation:
    • Focusing on pronunciation of common sounds and difficult words.
    • Practicing stress and intonation patterns for clear communication.
  4. Reading and Listening Comprehension:
    • Engaging with various texts and audio materials to improve comprehension skills.
    • Activities to enhance understanding of context and main ideas.
  1. Basic Grammar Structures:
    • Present, past, and future tenses.
    • Simple and continuous verb forms.
  2. Sentence Structure:
    • Subject-verb agreement.
    • Word order in affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences.
  3. Common Grammar Mistakes:
    • Identifying and correcting common errors in spoken English (e.g., using articles, prepositions).
    • Practice exercises to reinforce correct usage.
  4. Advanced Grammar Concepts (Optional):
    • Conditional sentences.
    • Reported speech.
    • Modal verbs and their usage.
  1. Active Listening:
    • Strategies for active listening in conversations.
    • Paraphrasing and summarizing to confirm understanding.
  2. Speaking with Confidence:
    • Techniques to overcome nervousness and speak confidently.
    • Practicing speaking exercises in front of peers.
  3. Conversation Strategies:
    • Engaging in discussions and expressing opinions.
    • Handling misunderstandings and clarifying information.
  4. Cultural Awareness:
    • Understanding cultural nuances in communication.
    • Respecting cultural differences and adapting communication style accordingly.
  1. Role-Playing Exercises:
    • Simulating real-life scenarios to apply learned skills.
    • Role-plays for job interviews, customer service interactions, etc.
  2. Public Speaking Skills:
    • Structuring and delivering short presentations.
    • Techniques for effective public speaking, including body language and vocal variety.
  3. Group Discussions and Debates:
    • Participating in group discussions on various topics.
    • Debating skills and strategies for presenting arguments persuasively.
  4. Real-World Practice:
    • Opportunities for students to practice English outside the classroom (e.g., language exchange programs, volunteer work).

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